May 6, 2015

I Was On Top Of The World.

About a month ago, I joined a trekking* trip with my sister and her friends to Mount Pinatubo which was extremely exhausting and tiring but all of the pain and sweat was worth it when we finally reached the top. (or middle, since we went to the crater lake.)
*trekking is like hiking, but more of an on-foot journey.

This part was when we were currently walking up to a fUCKI** 100-SOMETHING STEPPED STAIRS

We rode a 4X4 vehicle to get to the starting point of the walk.

You can still see the mountain's left-over ashes from when it last erupted on 1991.

 Manong driver also gave stop overs during the middle of the trip.

 We also passed by a lot of little water streams.

trying to pick up vibe

After an hour of driving, we finally rached the starting point of the walk.

selfie break because why not

After almost 20 minutes of walking and walking, we reached the destination.

And this is proof that I, Jasmin Pasia, conquered Mount Pinatubo on the summer of 2015.

 We stayed there for about 3 hours, enjoying the view. We made little make-up picnic area so that we could have a place to chill. I like how the air there smells much more nice and fresh compared to city air. And also, the amount of foreigners was unbelievable. I was surprised that some people actually ride planes to the Philippines just to see this view, when I'm just a bus ride away.


  1. Beautiful photos, look like you had a wonderful time. :)


    1. Thank you! And yeah, although it was tiring it was super fun :)

  2. Oh wow, the view is totally worth the sweat and pain! I'm glad you made and and were able to share these awesome pictures with us. I wish I could go swim in that pretty looking sea now~ ♥ Sadly, here where I live there are no mountains whatsoever. Seeing you in an area like this makes me so happy for you :)

    1. Aww thank you for that sweet comment! Yeah, every drop of weat was super worth it! Sadly I didn't get a chance to swim at the lake but atleast I saw the beautiful view :)

  3. What a lovely place to visit! Earlier this year I climbed Taal Volcano and the view was also stunning! Hope you had an amazing time x

    Justine x

    1. The sight sure was lovely! I've only seen Taal Volcano from Tagaytay but I'd love to climb it someday x I'm sure it was a fun experience for you! x :)


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