Mar 25, 2015

How To Fight The Creative Block

It's been long since I've made a blog post and I am extremely sorry for it! Well, at least the good news is that I have survived another year of school (YAY SUMMER) and I want to start off this vacation with some tips for people struggling with the cursed creative block.

What the f is a creative block? is this one of your made-up wor-- NO! I promise you it's a real thing! I bet at least once in your life you have struggled with this and got to lazy to deal with it. A creative block is a disease where you struggle to create new and fabulous ideas that is waiting to be shared with the world - or just when you can't come up of new things.

Symptoms of Creative Block-itis:
 - Lazyness/Procrastination
 - Repeated banging of head to a piece of paper on a table
 - Struggle to write/draw
 - long "ugh" sounds
 - Frustration on every creative Tumblr post
 - Thinking that the world is ending
(trust me, I've experienced all these)


Step 1: Realize that you have a creative block
 I know its not easy but just admit it, you have a creative block. But don't worry, accepting the truth is not easy so take your time on this step until you are ready.

Step 2: Hate on that block!

 (I do not support violence on invisible and inanimate objects) Once you accepted that you have a creative block, hate on that piece of poo! It made you creative-less huh? WELL TEACH THAT LITTLE MOTHER LOVER WHO'S BOSS! Kick it in the cubes! Shave its corner! Tell its wife that she didn't make a wise decision! hurt that block until it disappears from your life forever.

Step 3: Get Inspired

*shoves block into a sack and throws in a lake* Now that you have finally got rid of that creative block, it's time to get inspired again!

There are all sorts of ways to get your mind on board to creativity train again but first, you have to get your ticket to the ship and that is inspiration. I get most of my inspirations on books, anime, and YouTubers but you can find all sorts of inspirations in different places. From the internet to your neighbor, you'll never know right? 

To be honest, you really don't need all types of sources to get inspired, you easily can get inspired by your own works while flipping through your old sketches or draw a squigly line with circles on top and try to create art from it! 

Step 4: Gathering materials

Now that you've finally got your ticket to S.S. Creativity, time to pay up! You can pay by collecting all sorts of materials in one place and just pick up whatever you think is best to use. (NOTE: You don't need fancy things in creativity, actually, the more resourceful you are the better!) 

Step 5: All aboard to S.S. Creativity!

This is the hardest part, making your own creations. (TIP: Be as free on your piece of paper as possible.) From all those inspirations you have just collected, apply them your style and voila! Creativity. Remember to not copy every single detail from your inspiration and add a little bit of personal-isation to it


Never be afraid to have a little fault to your creations since nobody is perfect. Keep in mind that failure is a part of exploration to success. And hey, you have got to start somewhere right? Maybe what you've just created is the BEST THING EVER CREATED but needs a tiny bit of editing. 

Step 7: Explore even more

Never be afraid of creating new things. And something cannot be perfected on the first try, so keep trying and exploring! 


On the serious note, I leave you with an insanely inspiring quote I saw when I watched Meet The Robinsons that I now live for: 
"Around here, however, we don't look backwards for very long. We keep moving forward, opening up new doors and doing new things, because we're curious... and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths." - Walt Disney

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