Feb 7, 2015

I Think My Head's Going To Explode

photo not mine

Okay okay let's face it, school can drive you nuts. We're currently at the last quarter of our school year a.k.a the horrors of so much things to do with such little time. To be honest, It's really my fault to why I have so much work to do. Well, first reason is my procrastination and slacking to do school work and second, I don't really know how to do that certain thing so I'll just "do it later". This is just a little update on how's my life being, I'm off to do some school things now. If I don't blog again within this month, call the police.


  1. You are definitely not alone. Everyone is basically frantically running around hoping that they meet deadlines and complete requirements they may have missed in the previous quarter, and by 'everyone', I mean me. I wish you all the best though! All the sleepless nights and stress-induced impulses will be worth it in the end. Besides, just a few weeks away from summer! Is that your drawing? Man, that's amazing! You really draw well, and I love the whole concept - it goes really well with the white background of your blog. Hope you'll be back to blogging soon! xx


    1. I can totally relate! I think my eyebags grew larger this month and oh god I am soooo stressed out with school! The drawings not mine though, I found it on tumblr and I thought it fit right to what I was feeling. Hehe. Soon to find the artist! ((Going to post some of my drawings here on my blog in the future though!))


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