Jan 30, 2015

The Comback (with a pinch of Freedom)

Hi Guys, I'm back to blogging!

As a lot of you may not know, since I don't have any active readers to begin with, I have been on a very very long break from the blog-o-sphere and that is because of various (and acceptable) reasons:

1. Insanely large writers block that has been forcing me out of imagination
2. Not enough time to blog properly and stress because of school, and
3. My life is boring

But hey, I'm back aren't I? Not exactly new and improved but still the same Jasmin in this blog. But there are some changes around here though, like the blog title being "Freedom". Well, I want to be as free as possible when it comes to blogging on my personal blog. And that means, no regular post schedules, no blog themes (beauty, photography, artsy doomiwhatsit, etc.), and just crystal clear Jasmin talking, I mean, typing things she finds blog-able.

Okay, I can't promise anything serious here but all I can say is I will try to enjoy blogging and express myself more clearly as possible. And I know I'm a little late with this new 2015 promise thing but it's still January so therefore it's still acceptable. 

And also a little warning, I'm basically a rookie in this blogging thing so please just bare with me this year, I will be good at this sooner or later. 


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