May 15, 2015

Fantastic monsters

Maybe about a year ago (yes, that's how long I prepared this.), I was browsing through my subscriptions box on YouTube when I stumbled upon PJ Liguori's (KickThePj), video entitled Fantastic Monster Tag and it inspired me to hop on to the tag as well. Although PJ said to make in a video form, I decided to be a little bit rebellious and blog it instead.

So here I present to you my entry for the:

F A N T A S T I C   M O N S T E R   T A G

"Take your top 5 favorite monsters that you come into contact with on a daily basis."

The first monster, Prince Flutellini Lumbricina

Fluti, As I call him, is a prince from the royal family in the earth worm clan found in the dirt under the mango tree right beside my room. He's a rebel to his family and tries to avoid any sort of "worm prince duties" as much as possible.

Every night, he climbs up the mango tree to my bedroom to play his flute which I have no complaints whatsoever because he's really good at it. I don't know how his wormly hands manage to play, or even create a flute though.

The second monster, Mesi

For years and years, I wondered why I can't seem to keep the clothes in cabinet organized, but then I found this little critter swimming in it. When I asked him why in the world is he using my cabinet as a pool instead of an actual one, he said that "This is my only swimming trunks and I have no other clothes, do you really wanna risk it getting wet seeing me naked?" so I just got speechless and leave him be. He sort of has this bad attitude that makes you want to punch him in the face, but luckily I hold it in.

It seems like that he wants to join an international swimming competition that's why he practices everyday. I also asked why of all cabinets that he swims in mine, and he replied that "The length and depth of your cabinet is perfect."

I have no single idea where he came from or what's his real name is but I'd rather not ask him and just call him Mesi.

The third monster, Mahiko no Peke

Mahiko is the tiniest monster of them all but despite his size, he really can stand out. He has a habit of showing off his magic to me and to the other monsters which sometimes can get really annoying. He disturbs me while sketching out ideas or studying but he can be really fun at parties or be useful for entertainment purposes,

I found him wandering around the streets when he told me that he was a 'rejected experiment' of a wizard named Kapuri from the land of Oqara and that he was dropped there because he was just an experiment. He also told me that Kapuri was too nice to end his life so he just abandoned him. I had pity on him so I took him home. He's original name was "K's experiment #793" but I changed it to Mahiko no Peke which means "not fake magic", or atleast that's what I think.

Right now, he's trying to make a map back to Oqara with his magic powers but I have no idea how he can even do that.

The fourth monster, Mr. Tiny Kapre

Mr. Tiny Kapre is a really grouchy and quiet guy. You can always find him right beside my bedroom window, smoking a cigarette one after the other. He never gets up from that window unless he needs to go back to his tree in the Spirit Forest to get more cigarettes. I believe he lives by the quote "Malupit ang buhay" (or when translated, "Life is cruel") since he always tells that to me on a day to day basis. I ask him why but he just falls silent.

I found Mr. TK on one of the trees in the Spirit Forest when he showed up out of the blue while asking if I got any cigarettes (seems like he run out of them when he showed up in front of me). I said that there were on the convenient store right by our house and he decided to follow me back. Luckily, it was not a first time for the convenient store seller seeing a Kapre buying cigarettes so he didn't freak out much.

I asked him why he was so grumpy all the time and I found out that he got bullied by other Kapres because of his height since he was just 12 inches tall and had a body like slenderman. He also told me about his family, how he had a very loving Mama Kapre and Papa Kapre. I hate to break the ice for him but I think he's a tree spirit adopted by Kapre's and that his parents are just to afraid to tell him. (if you don't know what a kapre is, click here.)

The fifth and final monster, Knight Moon

Knight Moon is the cute little cow that sits in my bed. He always carries his trusty sword with him because whenever I have nightmares, he strangely appears at my dreams and fights back the 'cause of the nightmare. Not only that but he also protects the bedroom from unwanted monster visitors whenever I'm outside. His only weakness is other humans, he is really bad at talking to other people. 

Moon dropped from the night sky to my bedroom about 12-13 years ago. Yes, he's been with me since I was a 1 year old. I don't really remember how and what happened because that's the only thing that I could remember. I've been trying to teach him words for years but the only thing he could manage to say is "moo" and "poo".  

That concludes the tag! Well, it wouldn't be called a tag if I don't tag other people, would it? So I shall tag YOU! Yup, I just tagged you. Share the monsters that lurk into your daily life with me! (Comment below so I would know~) 

And also, thank you and a shout-out to KickThePj for creating this wonderful tag!


  1. Aww so cute!! I wanted to make one but I always fail haaha too bad for me :(

    Hope you can visit my blog too and tell me what you think about my recent post. Let me know if you wanna follow each other! All the love. x

    Kept and Found on Midnight Blues

    1. Thank you! Aww don't be discouraged to make, you'll eventually do it somehow haha :)

      I've visited your blog and I thought your post was awesome! And I'd love to follow you on blogger :) x

  2. Oh my goodness. How cool is this. Love your monsters. :]

    // ▲ ▲

    1. Aww thank you for the nice comment! much appreciated :) x

  3. OMG JASMIN THIS IS SO COOL. I've been staring at all these gifs aaahhh this is amazing!! Your illustrations are so great and the gifs are just magical. I bet this took a lot of time and effort, and it totally paid off! I also loved reading your little descriptions, they're so imaginative and entertaining. Mesi's the cutest, even though you said he's quite annoying. This is my favorite post from you yet! xx

    Andrea | Collars and Bones

    1. OMG THANKS SO MUCH ANDREA! hahahaha I can't stop smiling from your comment! :) It actually took me a whole night to finish this since all of them are camera-shy and doesn't want to cooperate. Thanks again! xx


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