May 10, 2015

Can You See Me? | Stories

Yes, yet again another story that includes the moon. I won't spoil anything that's written so you can read it with no expectations whatsoever. I'm sorry in advance for having such a long post but I hope you enjoy!


C a n  Y o u  S e e  M e ?

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Bobby looked outside his bedroom window and stared at the moon. "I'm starting elementary school tomorrow," He sighed heavily. "I hope I'll meet some friends."

His daddy entered his room and told him that it was bedtime, he looked up at the moon once more and said, "Hey, can you see me?" and went to sleep.

The next night came by and little Bobby just got home school. He ran to his bedroom window with an excited face as he was pulling his friend. "Say hi!" he whispered to his friend and pushed her to her front. The little girl waved at the moon with a shy face and said, "Uh, hi I'm Anna.". They both laughed with joy as they told stories about their first day of school to the moon.

"Bobby! Anna's dad is here to pick her up." His dad shouted from the bottom floor to inform him. "Okay!" Bobby shouted back. They both said their farewells as he assisted her back to his father.

Once Anna was finally gone, Bobby sat by his bedroom window again and whispered to the moon, "Did you see her? I think she's nice." He smirked at giggled a little.

Four nights later, Bobby was talking the moon again. "The teachers entered me to tomorrows school talent show because last Show And Tell, I sang them my favorite song to them and I got a lot of praises from everybody." He pointed his finger to the moon. "Do you remember the song 'Under The Moonlight'? I sang that one." He giggled and rested his head on the window.

"Will you see me sing that on stage?" Some tears started to flow out his eyes. "I hope you will."

The next day, although it was morning, the moon did not disappear until late in noon. Little Bobby saw the moon and it gave him courage to sing. And that night after the talent show, he rushed to his backyard holding his gold medal.

He raised it up to show the moon. "Can you see me? Can you see me? I won the Talent Show!" He shouted with all his heart. Little did he know that his dad was watching him while he told stories about the competition to the moon.

The next night came along and Bobby had a gloomy day. "My classmates kept calling me a girl because I have a high pitched singing voice," He sat by the window as he blurted out these words in anger. "I hate that they bully me for singing that stupid song!" He screamed at the moon.

He sighed heavily and crossed his arms while still looking at the moon. "I hate you for teaching me that song." He mumbled. "I wish you could just disappear!"

Then the next night came by and there was no moon in the night sky. Bobby looked up and he felt a little bit empty.

Two nights later, Bobby peeked outside his window and saw that the moon was there and he immediately felt happy. He was speechless because he felt guilty for saying what he said so he just sat by the window and sang:

"Thank you moon for guiding me
to where there is safety
when I see you I feel complete
please don't ever leave~"

And he finally found words to say to the moon, "Daddy says that tomorrow is your special day so I get to give you flowers," He smiled as he wiped a tear in his eye. "I can't wait to see you again."

The next day came and Bobby's dad drove the car to the cemetery, They went to one of the graves and placed a bouquet of flowers along with a note: "To mommy"

Bobby and his dad sat at the grass as his dad tried to remember what his mom was like when she was alive. "I remember her always getting paranoid when it comes to you," His dad giggled. "And how she always walked with you outside the house in midnight because you wouldn't stop crying." Bobby and his dad laughed.

"Do you remember the song she used to sing when you were on the walks?" His dad asked and Bobby nodded. "'Under The Moonlight', She loved singing that song to you." His dad smirked as he tried to remember the lyrics and they sang together.

"Hey dad," Bobby said. "Do you think she can see us?"
His dad smiled and nodded. "She's always looking after you no matter where she is."


Yes, this was a post dedicated for Mother's Day! Happy Mother's Day for every mom out there! They deserve every bit to be happy and appreciated today and every day because of all the sacrifices they've done for our sake! Don't forget to greet your mom a Happy Mother's Day. :)

additional info: This story is my work of fiction, including the song and its lyrics.


  1. This is so so beautiful and precious, you are a very talented story teller and writer Jasmin. <3

    1. Thank you for the compliment! I'm glad that you liked it. :)


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