Feb 22, 2014

Older by the minute

I can't stand the fact that everybody gets a little older in every darn second that comes. I still remember those days when I can fit myself inside a big fat box and my older sister would pull the box throughout the whole house and act as if the box was a car. Now, that box doesn't even fit half of my body and still I'm growing.

I don't really fit in the whole being-a-teen thing and neither my friends do. We like to live like as if it was revolving around us. And yes, After about 2 years without having the chance to get onto a playground I finally managed to be in one (which is just really across the street but I'm such a lazy fart I can't walk to there) just today because we had this big project and blah blah blah they visited to my house.

Well even though teens were not allowed to hangout to the playground, We didn't got caught so nobody even cared.

Blurred wtf.


I'm not weird, I'm fab.

This was at a Seven Eleven stop right by my house.

Presenting my weirdly-odd friends.
We didn't fit in any of the slides so we didn't got the chance of having pictures there and it has a hole in the middle too. A bit of bad luck brian if we actually fitted and didn't see the hole there.

I wish father time would stop everyone from aging for like 3 or 5 years so I could have more time to hang out with them. Things like this doesn't usually happen for me because most of my friends live 9km away from me so today was a bit of a rare happening. I wish I lived closer to them though, but I like the way things are right now. (besides my bad habit of staying inside my room for the whole day and never even seeing the sunlight for days.)

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