Feb 23, 2014

The Little Box, | Stories

About 8:00 PM or so last night, I was sitting in my bed (and was bored as hell) when suddenly I got inspired to write this little story which I claim to have finished writing the whole thing within about 5 minutes.

T h e  L i t t l e  B o x

On a little village was a box who had a big question mark in every side of his body. He had lots and lots of questions in mind which he cannot say because he was born with no mouth. He had really good hearing reflexes that's why he didn't need eyes.

One night, He climbed up to the highest hill he could possibly find. The sky was very clear and very bright because of the glimmering stars and the shiny cheese-made-moon. As he arrived to the top of the hill, He sat down for a moment below the clear dark skies. "Why don't I have a mouth?" The little box asked in his mind in sadness. "Because you would ask very silly questions." The moon answered back without speaking. The little box was shocked when he heard the moon's voice so he asked another question, "How can I hear you when you have no mouth? How can you hear me when I have no mouth?". "Because our brains are connected." The moon answered back. The little box was entirely confused so he asked again, "How is it connected when there is no line?". "The line is invisible and untouchable." The moon said to the little box. 

All night the little box kept asking questions. The box didn't realize that he fell asleep as he was asking questions. The sun was rising and the moon was starting to go down. The little box felt the heat of the sun so he woke up. He was jumping around as he bumped into a mirror that was actually infront of him. As he realized that he actually had eyes. He stared at the mirror for quite some time when he noticed that the question marks all over his body all turned into a big shiny light bulb. He was amazed and stared at himself until he noticed that he finally had a mouth. He was jumping in happiness all over the hill. 

All the questions he used to ask was no longer a mystery for him because he knew all the answers to everything. Every living creature went to him to ask questions they wish to know about and they get the most accurate answers. As days passed, he didn't realized that there was a yellow sticky note under him saying, "I gave you my intelligence little one for you are gifted. Share your blessing to every one and you will shine bright."

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