May 7, 2014

I'm wasting time


Let me be honest for a second, I AM WASTING SO MUCH DAMN TIME ON THE INTERNET--and I don't know how to stop it. I could've been outside today hanging out with my friends or alone and just roaming around at the park that is clearly walkable from where I am at and there was a freaking events going on in the park for 5 days in a row and look at where I am at, at home in my room with oatmeal and some water hanging out with my laptop and bed.

Well, there are a few possible causes why I am at bed on the internet and that is: 1. I am lazy, 2. I have no money, 3. I don't have friends that are near my house or 4. I clearly don't have a life. Well the last one was a bit made up but oh look I've spent my entire summer in my room eating something, Is that what you call a person with a life? NO.

And also, there is a music festival coming up in 10 days by now (a.k.a Wanderland Music & Arts Festival) which I extremely want to go to because The Paper Kites are playing to be specific BUT I have no money to buy the tickets. I sobbed a bit when I heard The Paper Kites were playing and there are so much things I am going to miss out on but there is always going to be a next year and I can't wait to save money for it!

Yes, I am also too lazy to post any interesting blog posts in here, It's not that I don't try to make blog posts, It's that whenever I type a post, I always get this feeling that it's not good enough so I always ends up either in the drafts or in the trash. Plus I am also trying renovate my blog because I'm not quite satisfied by the looks of it and I also have a lot of stuff in planned for my blog. So stick with me on here.

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