May 11, 2014

Sleep over madness & unlimited vain

So we (me, my two cousins(ate  Leah and Janelle) and a friend of ours(Hazel)), had a very unexpected sleep over. Like literally unexpected--I was just sitting at my room and all of the sudden they just barged in with bags and they told me it's going to be a sleep over. And of coarse, what kind of sleep over doesn't include taking photos? Definitely not a fun one.

If you're asking why are there only three people in a few of the photos it's because--notice the person at the bed wearing a yellow shirt sleeping. That is the reason.


The next day...

I cant explain how fun the last 22 hours was. They went at my house at 4pm, spent hours chatting watching tv, defining the meaning of death, talking about what's it like to be in heaven, walking through the midnight streets, listening to countless songs, trying to watch movies but all ended up being boring so we went back to listening to music, then chatting again, eventually deciding that we needed to sleep because it was 4am in the morning, and waking up again at 9am, we all took showers and had a little fun walk through the public plaza and there were currently rides and carnival games there but we didn't get a chance to actually try out the games and rides because I was not feeling well and we were running out of time because two of them needed to go home by 12pm because they were going to the city but they actually left at 2pm because we were making excuses to their parents so we could spend more time together. Then that was that.

After they left I went back to normal life and cleaned up the mess they left at my room and spent the rest of the day in my room using the internet.


  1. Aww missing to do sleepovers like this!! You guys are such coolioos!! :) Hoping to follow you through GFC though :)

    Midnight Blues

    1. Sleep overs can be a heck of fun! Aww thank you so much. :) I've also just recently added the GFC gadget so feel free to follow me. :)


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