Apr 20, 2014

Theme park adventures

After the holy week occured here in the Philippines (20th of April 2014), We had a little trip to a magical place to just have a little fun time with the family.

Just before crossing the magical arch that splits reality from a magical fantasy- I gathered up all my courage to ride every single ride that can possibly cause you vomiting, head aches, tummy pain and shakiness and may leave you fainting during the ride. But guess who just accomplished riding all the scary rides? Yeah you guessed it. ME.

I'm the one wearing a dark-gray muscle tee with messy bangs and unexplainable hair. YES. I GOT BANGS. Don't judge me.

Look at the great view.

The park was separated like streets and my favorite out of everything was 'The Brooklyn place' because it literally felt like as if you time-traveled into the 1980s in a different country with all those great looking structures all around there. But sadly, it was such a short street. I wish they could've made it a little bit longer.

Then there was this huge (well it's huge for me) roller coaster that literally made me feel like my soul was left on top of the roller coaster. But believe me, I was about to pee my pants off and cry before, during and after that roller coaster ride. 

And that was my very first time riding a roller coaster and I can say was "that was a hella fun" and "let's do that again". Who would've even imagined that young me loved extreme rides that can almost kill you by 50/50.

Here is us before the roller coaster.

Look at this chill station. I guess everybody that hung out there felt "cool". I'M SO FUNNY HAHAHA.

Bumper cars. I was trapped in the middle and felt like a loser.

The carousel we didn't get to ride because it wasn't too intense enough.

And of coarse, who could forget the giant ferris wheel they call 'Wheel of Fate'. We rode it right before closing time and it was at 9PM so the night skies was VERY windy and it was extremely cold up there.

The funny thing is there were six of us in one of the things and me and this guy named Chris was third-wheeling 'my bro and his girlfriend' and 'his sister and my cousin' so it was very much of an awkward experience for us being on that thing with two couples which whom we know.

View from the top of the Ferris Wheel

Even though I didn't buy anything from there besides a can of cola because the prices there was over the top and that I didn't eat anything throughout the entire day because the prices of food there can feed an entire family for a one person meal, today was filled with overflowing happiness and joy and laughter with a little pinch of tiredness and footaches that was caused by all the walking throughout the entire park.

Oh well, another day another adventure if I must say.


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  2. Hi Sammie! well I've been a little busy lately since it's the start of school and homework etc. so I'll be trying to blog maybe this week. And I joined your site! And thankyou for the joining mine. :)


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