Mar 19, 2014

Au revoir 7th Grade!

Today as marked, March 19, 2014 is officially the first day of summer and the last day of my 7th grade school year. Honestly, I was actually tearing up at school after our school finals because of all the drama "I'm leaving nest school year blah blah BLAH". Don't blame me for that, I actually liked loved this year even after all those HS-drama and stuff, this year was worth remembering.

The great thing about this year is I actually got to taste the feeling of being a abnormal high school girl.

3 days before summer. My high-school graduating friend in my house making some important stuff for college. (her name is Katkat)
Meet the person I treat as a sister-on-different-parents. I see her as a role model and I'm seriously going to miss her.


Typical omg-get-yur-phone-out-its-the-last-day-we-need-to-take-a-selfie-together selfies  Yna and Zaira. They are my full-on buddies.

 Another year done, another year finished. Even until now I still can't believe how possibly have I survived that freaky high-school trap. Wish me luck next year and hope I'll survive the stress.

To everybody who's been supporting me, being my friend or just talking to me throughout HS, Thank you so much and Ilysm to the moon and back. To the graduating peeps and leaving students I know, going to miss you. Hope you'll visit! And to those beautiful, perfect, and just seriously annoying people who keep hating, being fake, backstabbing me, Ilysm too- Thank you so much. Because of you guys, I learned the art of ignore and nobody-cares-face. 

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