Jun 28, 2014

Playlist: Floats My Boat

I KNOW It's been almost a month since I blogged but here I am back again! Sorry for being gone, I've been extremely busy lately since school started about 2 weeks ago and I forgot how much a pain in the butt school is but I'm trying hard to just bite the bullet and go with it. (I have no choice anyway)

And yes, I decided to make playlists too! (How original, Jasmin.) Well, I want to share to everyone the music I currently am enjoying. And I've always wanted to make playlists. No I don't have the best music taste- I have worlds most shi**y taste and I don't even know how to organize music. I just put every single thing I like in one. But you might like it too so feel free to waste your 50 minutes enjoy the playlist!

  F L O A T S  M Y  B O A T  
                                                Floats My Boat from limitlessbliss on 8tracks Radio.

A Drop In The Ocean - Ron Rope
Eyes Closed -The Narrative
Cool Kids - Echosmith
Hero - Family Of The Year
Kids - Whoismgmt
Floats My Boat - Aer
Kiss Me - Fray (cover)
Stop The World I Wanna Get Off With You - Arctic Monkeys
Melt With You - Jason Mraz
Boom Clap - Charlie XCX
I'm a Mess - Ed Sheeran
Carousel - Bamboo

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