Dec 8, 2013

Hello World,

Welcome to my blog, Everyone.

Starting from today, I will be your tour guide on this journey of mine. I'd like to introduce myself to all of you, My name is Jasmin- A thirteen year-old girl who practically eats like there's no tomorrow that lives in a small country so-called Philippines.

If you'll ask, nope this is not my 'first time ever blog', I had a blog before which I deleted and doesn't exist anymore.

Now before you rush out commenting, "Why would a Thirteen year old girl Blog?Well, My excuse for that is I have nothing better to do that sit, eat, breathe and waste my life all day so why not I make a blog and tell all the whole world how not interesting my life is because the internet simply consumed me in bits? 

The content of this blog consists of my uninteresting life, my very own writings and ideas of some sort because I do think a heck lot of the time. And of course, I like photography a quite bit because just the thought of having memories captured makes me happy.

And yes, I still go to school so I might be a bit busy sometimes but I'll try to keep this blogging thing on schedule every week so.

Some little facts about me that you might want to know:
1. I am a strange kid who has lots of things going on in her head. So maybe sometimes I might talk non-sense here. And I'm not really that great in English so you better watch out for my non-stopping 'Carabao-English' hehehehe

2. I am a bit dramatic about things so I might be posting a lot of "I hate myself" or "I don't wanna live anymore" type of posts because if you might not know that I used to have depression and it might visit me sometimes. But don't worry, I'm extra fine now.

3. I can be soft most of the time. And I mean extra-extra-extra-pillow-soft soft. Call me ugly and I'll maybe think about it a cry a bit for a week.

I hope you'll enjoy this blog. Because this is a life blog and I hate life I really really love life.
And for the record, I hate saying goodbyes.

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